We believe that small gestures can make a big difference to women having chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer

littlelifts has supported 1000 women with a littlelifts box during treatment for breast cancer in Norfolk and Suffolk

It is a box of sheer warmth and delight.”

Kim, 51, Norwich

“It should be called a mahoosive lift!” 

Emma, 41, Ipswich.

Every year approximately 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK, making it the most common cancer*. We’re on a mission to support them by offering a littlelifts box at the beginning of their chemotherapy treatment. We do this by working directly with hospitals in Norfolk and Suffolk, where boxes are given out to patients during chemotherapy planning or review meetings with their Oncology Team or Breast Care Team.

*source: Breast Cancer Now 


Your support has helped us provide over 1000 women with littlelifts boxes so far
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