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Corporate Challenge 250 Winners!

We have just completed the first ever Corporate Challenge 250 and have been delighted with its success. Three teams finished the challenge raising a total of £7,500. We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to the three teams involved:

- Sinclair International - Winners 2022
- Florentina Catering
- Poultec Training

What is Challenge 250?

Challenge 250 is a 8-month entrepreneurial fundraising challenge and
competition. It’s an opportunity for organisations to reconnect and spread
kindness within their community whilst also raising funds to support people
with breast cancer. Each of the three teams completed their mission by spreading the Little Lifts love whilst fundraising for us!

We’ve achieved so much since 2017 and our ambition keeps growing. That’s why we want more companies to work with us to raise funds and awareness, whilst having some fun and healthy competition at the same time. We’ll give you £250 so that you can get creative and raise a minimum of £2,500 between October 2022-May 2023.


A message from our winners:

Being part of Challenge 250 means that, together, we can support many more people facing treatment for breast cancer and here are our winners, Sinclair International on why they signed up:

“Coming out of the pandemic, the Little Lifts Challenge 250 was perfect timing; it not only gave us a reason to raise money for a fabulous local charity – it gave us a reason to come together again and have fun after 2 years of being apart. We walked, talked and laughed and, more importantly, we felt like a team again. That feeling has continued and it’s so good to have something so positive to celebrate!”

Jenny Parton – Communications Manager, Sinclair International

We would like to say a special thank you to Sinclair International for their inspiring fundraising ideas, passion and sheer determination. They exceeded the fundraising target of £2,500 and raised over £4,000!

Be part of our #littleliftscommunity because we cannot do this alone

Give a little, change a lot

To find out more email [email protected] or call 07985160684


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