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Little Lifts Boxes

care packages for people undergoing breast
cancer treatment.

Little Lifts Boxes

care packages for people undergoing breast
cancer treatment.

The Chemotherapy Box​

Thoughtfully curated with you in mind.​

Curated by people who have experience of breast cancer treatment. Our go-to box, jam-packed with a carefully curated selection of products.

  • At least 25 items
  • Mood-boosting goodies
  • Practical products
  • Curated by people who have experience of breast cancer treatment
  • Suitable for chemotherapy
  • Our most popular box
  • Ethically sourced products
The Radiotherapy Box​

Thoughtfully curated with you in mind.​

Especially curated for radiotherapy patients with the perfect mix of soothing and indulgent treats. 

  • At least 12 items
  • Mood-boosting goodies
  • Practical products
  • Curated by people who have experience of breast cancer treatment
  • Ethically sourced products
  • Suitable for radiotherapy

Featuring products like…

From a pain-easing heat pack to luxury body lotion, organic chocolate, and treats to aid relaxation, our Boxes are full of carefully selected items chosen by people who have experience of receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer.

Chemotherapy Box
Radiotherapy Box
Organic chocolate

For a little moment of luxury, because you deserve it.

Munchy seeds

Nutritious nibbles to snack on or sprinkle.


For a moment of calm and relaxation.


Gentle soap to support sensitive skin.

Natural deodorant

Your radiotherapy team will advise you to use an aluminium-free deodorant.

Hot chocolate

To give you a big hug in a mug!

Pulse Point Roller

To aid relaxation and support your sleep.

Tote bag

To carry all the essentials to treatment appointments, plus useful for shopping!

Heat pack

You may get cold during treatment, or experience joint or muscle pain – a heat pack can help.


You may experience dry skin – keeping moisturised can really help.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas can aid sleep and help to calm and hydrate.

Heated eye mask

To aid relaxation and to help you sleep.


Give your seeds some TLC and watch them grow.

Plastic cutlery

You may find eating with metal cutlery a bit unpleasant – plastic cutlery will help.

Sleep Kit

To aid relaxation and help you sleep.


Adding this to still or sparkling water can help with changes to your taste buds and helps to keep your body hydrated.

Chilli oil and mixed herbs

Things can taste a bit different – chilli oil will add a little bit of heat and herbs will add flavour.

Lolly recipes

Ice lollies can help to soothe a sore mouth and are a nice treat, even if your taste buds change.

Notebook and pen

For notes, reminders, or to express your thoughts and feelings as you go through treatment.

Soft toothbrush

A soft toothbrush helps to avoid any of the discomfort you may get from harder brushes.

Local, eco-friendly products

Looking after the planet is important to us. Where possible, we include products that are UK-made, locally sourced, ethically produced, eco-friendly, organic and natural.

Receiving treatment in the UK?

Anyone in active treatment for breast cancer in the UK is eligible to apply for a free Little Lifts Box, funded by our Little Kindness Fund.

I don’t live in the UK. Can I still get a Box?

Yes you can! Take a look at the treats our online shop has to offer.

Our current NHS Partners

If you’re being treated for breast cancer at one of the following hospitals you’ll automatically receive a Little Lifts Box.

(Click each hospital for more details)


• Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital
• James Paget University Hospital
• Queen Elizabeth Hospital


• Ipswich Hospital
• West Suffolk Hospital


• Colchester Hospital
• Broomfield Hospital
• Basildon Hospital
• Southend on Sea Hospital


• Addenbrookes Hospital

Have you already received a Little Lifts Box?

If you’ve received a Little Lifts Box we’d love to hear what you think! Feedback helps us to make our Boxes the best they can be and supports our work to raise funds and awareness.

Receiving a Little Lifts Box was surprising, emotional, personal and wonderful. It made me feel understood, not alone and cheered on because someone cared about what I would need to help get me through it.

Maria, 51
South Norfolk

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There are many ways to get a Little Lifts Box, whether you’re in active treatment or surprising a loved one. Find the right way for you, below.

Support and resources

Whether you’re going through breast cancer treatment yourself or supporting a loved one, we’re here to help you through with our support and resources page.

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