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March 9, 2021

Giving a little lift

I am so grateful to littlelifts for accepting me as a volunteer and recently allowing me into their packing room two days a week during my sabbatical from the NHS.

From the second I stepped foot in the building, I was made to feel ‘safe’ and welcome with my very own goodie bag and note of thanks.

During my short time volunteering with littlelifts to date, I have quickly come to realise and seen first-hand, the work Oa and Kay do behind the scenes to support the creation of the beautiful boxes and the women who receive them.  From the constant fundraising ideas to make provision of the boxes possible, the never-ending drive and passion Oa has to continually expand the “range” of boxes available, whilst increasing the number of hospitals these are supplied to and Kays dedication to packing boxes whilst responding to the numerous emails and kindness fund applications that come in daily.

You only see a tiny part of the work that goes into one box at the yearly birthday events, fundraising events or packing parties I have been fortunate to be involved in previously.  Here you are presented with a ‘built’ box and a bag of items/goodies which you are then invited to pack into the box- simple right??!… What you don’t see is the amount of hours that go into ordering the items, sourcing extra treats, unpacking stock, gathering the items/goodies into the bag, building the boxes, aligning the two different sheets of tissue paper that go inside the box plus gathering the relevant leaflets and stickers prior to any box packing commencing!

I always thought I was organised, but Kay is in a different league with her super dooper packing checklists that I am given to follow.  She certainly is the “box” guru!

Being able to sing along to my tunes whilst packing (with no one in earshot!) and seeing the packing room shelves filled with bags and completed boxes following my days volunteering is so satisfying and rewarding.  It certainly outweighs the minor paper cuts from building boxes and mild frustrations I (sometimes) experience when folding the tote bags evenly into the boxes!!

Another bonus of volunteering is the fact I get to “meet up” and go for a lunch time walk and natter with either Oa or Kay and sample the sweet treats from the nearby bakery! My personal mission… is to try the whole range!

Finally, the ethos behind littlelifts is one that resonates strongly with me and I love that each box is so personal and individual. The amount of time, care and effort that goes into each box is largely unknown and under-estimated by many.

When signing the contents leaflet and adding the final “littlelifts” or “made with love” sticker, I feel proud and pleased that I have had the opportunity to contribute in some way, to the provision of a littlelifts box and knowing it will brighten someone’s day.

littlelifts may be small, but my gosh they have come so far and have so much drive and desire to travel further!!

Thank you for allowing me to volunteer for you.

Much love,

Sarah xx

littlelifts Volunteer

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