Our partnerships


The NNUH (Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital) gave our founder, Oa, the treatment and support she needed during her treatment for primary breast cancer. We’re lucky enough to have the support of the NNUH who will be giving women a littlelifts comfort box at the beginning of their chemotherapy treatment.

“We’re delighted to be working with littlelifts to enhance the services and support provided to NNUH patients. Thanks to all those who donate to the charity and make this wonderful project possible.”

Mark Davies

NNUH Chief Executive

“Having a breast cancer diagnosis and preparing for chemotherapy is an extremely difficult time for our patients. Receiving one of these comfort boxes will provide a much appreciated boost and make a significant difference.”

Professor Erika Denton

Breast Radiologist and Associate Medical Director at NNUH

“We’re very proud of the cancer services we offer to patients at NNUH. We have excellent clinical expertise and fantastic facilities which, alongside advances in treatments and technology, increasingly mean that patient experience and outcomes are improved. Cancer is an emotional journey and we also know that its often the little things that make a difference to patients; these littlelifts boxes will be a great example of this.”

Jo Richardson

NNUH Lead Cancer Nurse

Our #littleliftscommunity

littlelifts wouldn’t have got to where it is today without the support of some rather wonderful people through donations and fundraising events. We are extremely grateful for their continued support and would like to say a huge thank you to the following people for their contribution to the charity:

  • Adam Francis
  • Adam Javes
  • Ainhoa Arbizu Arellano
  • Alex Cook
  • Alice Lee
  • Alison Rowland
  • Amy Turner
  • Andrew Egerton-Smith
  • Andrew Houghton-Hood
  • Andrew Howarth
  • Andy McKenzie
  • Andy Wood
  • Becky Graham
  • Belinda Gray
  • Bobby Burrage
  • Bruce Clothier
  • Carol Osbourne
  • Cheryl Burgess
  • Chris Murphy
  • Claire Schoenherr
  • Eleni Duke
  • Eva Stiles
  • Grant Wisbey
  • Greg Hackett
  • Hannah Routledge
  • Harriet Yeomans
  • Harry Hume
  • Helena Pickford
  • Hilary Mack
  • Jo Smallwood
  • Jo & Terry Mack
  • Joc Mack
  • Julia Watling
  • Julie Brown
  • Karen Terry
  • Keira Ridel
  • Laura Hughes
  • Linda McAllister
  • Lisa Taylor
  • Lorna Hofton
  • Louise Cook
  • Lucia Thompson
  • Mark & Debbie Loveday
  • Michelle Thomas
  • Mr Dod Fitness
  • Nick Thompson
  • Nigel Sayer
  • Paula Faiers
  • Rachel Hogg
  • Rachel Wright
  • Ralph du Plessis
  • Richard Tidy
  • Richard Walker
  • Rob & Cate Wicks
  • Rob & Donna Ward
  • Rose Kemmy
  • Rosemary Scott
  • Ruby O’Callaghan
  • Sally Harris
  • Sarah Goddard
  • Shirley Webb
  • Simon Loveday
  • Simon Wallwork
  • Sophie Morrow
  • Steph & Richard Bingham
  • Stephen Ong
  • Steven Richardson
  • Stuart Macnab
  • Stuart Woods
  • Dr Susanna Alexander
  • Sylvia Kingman
  • Tim Swaby
  • Tristan Holder

Thank you!