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Elinor’s Breast Cancer Story

Say hello to lovely Elinor who received her Little Lifts Chemotherapy gift Box through our Little Kindness Fund to support her during her breast cancer treatment.

Our lovely beneficiary Elinor received her gift Box in November 2023 following her breast cancer diagnosis.
Elinor is a mum to six year old twin boys, who keep her busy! ‘When I’m not running around after them, I love writing, drawing, knitting, painting and basically anything creative!’

In October 2023 Elinor was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, she said ‘It was a nasty shock but I was able to start treatment very quickly and chemo is going well!’ Wonderful staff at Bedford Hospital submitted a Medical Professional Form to our Little Kindness Fund, Elinor then received her Box in the post in November.

After receiving her breast cancer gift Box Elinor said she felt:

‘It made me feel so loved. The idea of a group of people reaching out to make me feel better in this awful time, was so wonderful. The whole box is so well curated. The toothbrush is so useful! It’s amazingly gentle on my delicate mouth. Thank you so much! If there is a silver lining to cancer, its the realisation that people can be so kind!’

Elinor’s Top Tips for breast cancer treatment:
  • Be kind to yourself and be patient with any emotions you feel.
  • Rest when you need it, even if it means asking for help.
  • Remember, it’s alright to still feel happy. You can have cancer and joy at the same time.

‘I’m sharing a little of my cancer journey in stories and I’m planning a post about it soon because its really helped me to find and connect with others going through the same thing. It would be nice to find more people to connect with.’ You can find Elinor on Instagram @perksoflife_author.illustrator where she publishes images of her beautiful work and writing.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and experience of receiving your gift Box and for helping us to support others with breast cancer.