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Terri’s Story

Terri lives in Dereham, Norfolk, and was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in August 2020, followed by a secondary breast cancer diagnosis in August 2021, at the age of 40.

Following her first diagnosis, Terri had an extensive course of treatment – chemotherapy treatment, a lumpectomy and lymph node clearance, and 20 sessions of radiotherapy. In August 2021, she was taking chemotherapy tablets when one of her lymph nodes started to bother her. A scan detected cancer cells in three lymph nodes as well as a spot on her femur. She is now on weekly IV chemotherapy.

Terri’s patient journey has been up and down. Her support network has made things easier for her; she counts herself lucky to have brilliant, compassionate people surrounding her.

Terri lost her hair during chemotherapy and developed fibrosis and lymphoedema after her radiotherapy had concluded.

She received her Little Lifts Box at her first appointment with her oncologist, which was a surprise. She still carries the little heart coin from the Box; it’s been with her throughout her treatment journey and it stays in her wallet to this day. Terri also loved the heat pack and chilli oil from the Box; both have really helped with some of the side effects of treatment she’s experienced. Anything that helped Terri be mindful was greatly appreciated, which is why she was so happy to see the crossword book tucked into the Little Lifts Box.

Terri’s top tip for other people undergoing cancer treatment is to listen to your body. She also found that jacket potatoes are great when your taste buds have been affected by chemo.