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Toni’s Story

Toni, 57, lives in Mundesley, Norfolk. She was diagnosed with primary breast cancer on 5th November 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. At the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, she had six sessions of chemotherapy, a mastectomy and reconstruction, followed by 15 rounds of radiotherapy.

Like many people being treated for cancer, Toni found the diagnosis and treatment journey more lonely during Covid-19, as she was unable to see friends and have physical contact and support. She received her Box when she first saw her oncologist, and it was ‘just lovely, like a big hug.’

During chemotherapy, Toni experienced nausea, dry mouth, sickness and fatigue. She loved the Spacemask in the Little Lifts Box as it allowed her a moment of out-of-body relaxation, and she also found the deodorant, herbs, chilli oil and mints helped with her side effects, too. The soft toothbrush came in handy for her sore gums.

We asked Toni what advice she would give to other people being treated for breast cancer and she emphatically told us ‘take all the help on offer.’ She also recommended that when people have the energy to do so, they take the opportunity and do something fun which makes the most of that window of time.

Toni is currently all clear and being monitored.