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Incredible breast cancer charity skydivers

This incredible bunch jumped from a plane on Saturday 18th May to help support people affected by breast cancer, read more below...

Fundraising for breast cancer charity

We had 7 of our Little Lifts Community sign up to this huge challenge, jumping from a plane at 13,000 ft. As a collective our fundraisers raised an incredible £3,000 to support people affected by breast cancer. 

Meet our fundraisers

  • Sharon is our amazing volunteer and beneficiary who now has quite literally done it all for Little Lifts! ‘A few months ago Anya and I were casually talking about doing a Skydive for Little Lifts in 2025 and then Shopie sent me an email asking me if I was interested to sign up for 2024 … I said ‘Yes’… I wasn’t really nervous on the day, until the door of the airplane opened at 13,000 ft and we were the second tandem to jump out. The first few seconds of free fall was such an adrenaline rush. And then the parachute opened and I was able to look around – it was so beautiful, calm and quiet, I could see the earth. So, I pushed myself beyond my boundaries and I am quite proud of myself for doing so. It was a thrilling experience! Would I do it again? Yes – for charity/a good cause, I would do it again.’
  • Neil was asked by Shopie our events Guru to sign up for the skydive and despite his extreme fear of heights, he said yes! Neil works at Paddy & Scotts where he is encouraged to take risks and to step out of his comfort zone. Plus, owner Zoe, is a trustee and beneficiary of a Little Lifts Box and so Neil knows the impact of a Box.
  • Alison’s mum had breast cancer and received a Little Lifts Box during her chemotherapy treatment. She said the Box was a lovely surprise and it lifted her spirits no end. ‘I’ll jump out of a plane every year to support more people benefitting from this. It was such a pleasure supporting Little Lifts by joining their charity skydive. It was an incredible experience made better by meeting such lovely people from Little Lifts. Same time next year?’
  • Tilly is one of our amazing volunteers, she first got involved after Anya began working at Little Lifts, we recently celebrated her year anniversary at Little Lifts. Tilly wanted to support the cause after her direct experience with our beneficiaries reviewing their Little Kindness Fund applications. She said it is lovely to know that you are spreading a little kindness to those who need it most… She also wanted to face one of her fears and do something she never thought she would do. She thoroughly enjoyed it! ‘I would definitely recommend for people to sign up to next years charity skydive, I would love to do it again.’
  • Harry’s partner, Anya, works for Little Lifts so he has seen the amazing work that we do and wanted to do something significant for people affected by breast cancer. As well as take the opportunity to do something that he had always wanted to do… ‘Through being involved with Little Lifts I have met the wonderful staff and volunteers who make it what it is. It made it especially great that I was doing the skydive with a number of them, my girlfriend and close friends. To see some of our group nervous and face their fears, to then after being ecstatic and overjoyed made it even better to share this wonderful experience. I can’t wait for the next Little Lifts Skydive I will be the first to sign up.’
  • Chloe (also friends with Anya) first heard about Little Lifts around two years ago when Anya started her job. ‘I work in a GP surgery, so am always seeing the devastating number of diagnoses for our patients. It is so uplifting to know that patients are being supported on their journey, and so importantly right from the very start. I have always loved the idea of doing a skydive, so this was the perfect opportunity! The team at Beccles were amazing – they really put us at ease and made the experience very memorable. Thank you for this opportunity.’ Thank you for being our top fundraiser Chloe!
  • Our very own Anya (Brand, Marketing and Community Executive) also took part! ‘From reading everyone’s reasons for taking part, it is clear that I did rope everyone into my craziness. However, as a group we were all very excited by the idea of doing a skydive and of course I will do anything for Little Lifts! It goes without saying that the incredible community and impact our small but mighty has all across the UK to those affected by breast cancer means I would happily do a skydive to raise funds again. I strangely wasn’t particularly nervous but I never would have done this before I joined the team. Thank you for always pushing me out of my comfort zone!’

The tandem skydive

Shopie and Frannie welcomed our brave skydivers, along with lots of friends, family and loved ones who came to support. 

The day was wonderfully sunny and clear for spectators to enjoy… but more importantly it meant the views from 13,000 ft were amazing!

‘The jumpers all took the day in their stride and left the airfield in a small plane with huge grins about the challenge to come! What an incredible vision it was to see my 7 skydivers floating back down to earth through clear blue skies on Saturday. They supported each other before the jump and the community spirit of all the friends and family watching their loved ones parachute down was really amazing. They collectively raised over £3,000 for Little Lifts and I couldn’t have been prouder.’ – Shopie

Thank you!

We cannot thank you all enough for taking on this huge challenge. Here’s to Neil, Sharon, Alison, Chloe, Tilly, Harry and Anya! You’ve helped us to make a big difference.

Want to support people affected by breast cancer?

Fancy joining our hall of famers? Why not start your own fundraiser and help us to make a difference to people affected by breast cancer? Click the button below.