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Dawn to Dusk – 72 Hole Golf Challenge

In May 2022, Gareth and friends took on a 16.5 hour challenge to play four rounds of golf (72 holes)! This is how they got on...

Tell us about yourself

I’m Gareth and I work in advertising as a freelance film and tv producer. My most recent work includes an Aspall cyder commercial and a one take drone stunt in Barcelona for the launch of the new Nissan x Trail car coming out in September.

What was your challenge?

I try to raise money for charity every other year, or donate a good portion of money to a charity at least. I’ve raised money running half marathons before, and one of the original Tough Mudders!

This year I wanted to challenge myself in a different way. Someone mentioned the 72 hole gold challenge and having gotten into gold over the last few year, I decided that would be the thing to do!

Cramming in 72 holes in one day of golf  means tee’ing off as soon as it’s light in order to have enough time to play four rounds of golf in one day, before the sun sets.

We tee’d off at 04.40 and then finished at 21.10, 16.5 hours later!

Why did you fundraise for Little Lifts?

I have had a number of friends and family battle breast cancer over the years, so I wanted to support a chairty that dedicated a lot of their time to support this particularly.

When I was talking to a friend about the challenge, they quickly recommended Little Lifts. I still hadn’t committed to a charity by that point so it was amazing to hear what Little Lifts did.

After a bit of research, I quickly made the decision to raise money for Little Lifts, and made contact.

How much did you raise?

We raised an amazing £525 for Little Lifts.

What did you love about doing your challenge?

Playing one round of golf in a day is exhausting in itself already. You can walk about five or six miles in our round whilst you try your best to whack a small ball into a cup 500 yards away! Psychologically, golf is really a test of your own character, not just your golfing ability.

Playing off a high handicap, it can be a frustrating sport and believe me, I have had a few tantrums when it doesn’t go your own way! So, four rounds in one day? It wasn’t just a physical challenge!

I did find it challenging to wake up at 3am, drive to the golf course, walk 22 miles in one day, play some awful golf and then drive home at 10pm. But what I really loved was the support we had on the day. It was brilliant to play with three other guys I enjoy spending time with, but we were also joined by other friends and family throughout the day who just came for a walk and to support us.

What would you say to someone thinking about fundraising?

I’d encourage anyone who was thinking of raising money for charity. Whatever they had planned, I’d be the first person to donate to them.

It doesn’t have to be something that is physically or mentally challenging. You can use your imagination and do something that is unique to your skill set or even things like car boot sales!

Yes, enduring the pain and training for a 100-mile running event (for example) is an incredible feat of human endurance, and no doubt would raise a lot of money, but you don’t have to do things like that in order to raise money for charity – especially if it is something that is personal to you.

Big or small challenges, it all adds up and the best of luck to you.