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Team Skydive 2021

In the summer of 2021, 11 brave members of the #LittleLiftsCommunity jumped out of a plane to raise money for Little Lifts, and raised a phenomenal £12,661!

“Little Lifts are an amazing charity very close to my heart. They have helped my mum through her chemotherapy journey, what they do and bring to others is incredible.

My mum got diagnosed with primary breast cancer in 2017. She went through radiotherapy and had a lumpectomy to remove the disease. In 2019, she was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer. It had spread to her liver and bones and was now incurable. We were not expecting that. Our lives had shattered once again. Then came Little Lifts, a box was given to my mum and inside the box were small pick-me-up gifts to help her through the storm we were facing. She is living with cancer and she is smashing it!

Cancer is a word we are all fearful of, it’s a disease we all wished didn’t exist and it impacts so many people’s lives. Raising awareness of this amazing local charity is all I want to do. Raising money for them means that they can help ease the fear and loneliness this disease brings. They are an amazing community and I am doing this for them and my mum.”