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Corporate Challenge 250 Winners 2024

Our Corporate Challenge 250 has now come to a close and so we welcomed the incredible businesses that took on the fundraising challenge to Little Lifts HQ.

We cannot thank Saxon Air, Cim Signs and Sinclair enough for their dedication, determination and enthusiasm this year, raising a huge total of £12,562 all together! Each team smashed their £2500 target meaning that with their support we can support over 200 people affected by breast cancer. Our winners by just £39 were the amazing Saxon Air!
Corporate Challenge 250 is a fantastic way to get your team involved in a shared fundraising goal, taking on challenges and inspiring some fun competition. To take part teams are asked to get creative with their fundraising turning £250 into £2500 in an 8 month period.
Our winners, Saxon Air raised £4470 taking on a 13.5 mile walk, along with other fundraisers like raffles and a lunch swap day!
‘We are very passionate about Little Lifts as a charity, they do such great work which touches our heart strings… We loved getting as much money as we could for such a great cause and feeling very proud of our team when we completed the walk. It has been a challenge trying to do this through a very busy summer season, but, to other businesses, just do it. Little Lifts are a great charity with great people and it’s a fantastic cause. We want to do all we can within our power to help, I’ve never met such a group of warm friendly people who care so passionately about what they are doing.’ – John Dewing
Cim Signs raised £4431 taking part in Run Norwich and other events, collectively running 1948k!
‘It was important to CIM to support local charity Little Lifts as we can see what they do has an affect on not only those directly affected by breast cancer but by those around them as well. We enjoyed helping raise money and awareness for such a wonderful charity so that they can continue to do what they do best. Not only has it helped Little Lifts it has also helped those involved in completing Run Norwich 10K to get out and exercise promoting health and wellbeing.’ – Tony Burch
Sinclair raised £3713 walking the Boudicca Way, a 34 mile route and then a 20 mile walk in the Peak District, Derbyshire!
‘We have a great relationship with Little Lifts and have been supporting them from the beginning when Oa set up the charity. The fact that Little Lifts is a local charity based in Norfolk, supporting people through treatment for breast cancer, is important to us. We all have family and friends who have been affected by breast cancer and supporting Little Lifts feels like a practical way to really help. We can see where all our fundraising efforts go – in the wonderful Boxes people receive and the thank yous from the beneficiaries.
It’s great to see 250 pounds turn into more than £2,500 due to the generosity of our Sinclair employees and their families. We like how everyone can get involved – whether that’s walking a marathon or baking and buying cakes. We’ve had lots of fun, laughs and wonderful cakes as a result of the C250. We’ve come together to socialise, keep fit and enjoy some amazing countryside.
Challenge 250 is great fun. It can seem daunting to start off with, but once you have a plan it’s a great way to bring everyone together, share skills and have some fun. Little Lifts also feel part of our fundraising team, they’ve helped us with fundraising ideas and offered so much encouragement. All our efforts feel appreciated and personally acknowledged by everyone at Little Lifts. We feel proud and humble of our efforts, as the people receiving the Boxes are incredible.’

We cannot thank these wonderful businesses enough for their support both during Challenge 250 and beyond! 

We are now looking for businesses to get involved for our 2024 challenge and would love to tell you more so please get in touch by emailing [email protected].