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Corporate Challenge 250

Challenge 250 is a 6-month entrepreneurial fundraising challenge, an opportunity for your organisation to reconnect and spread kindness within your community, whilst also supporting people with breast cancer.

How it works

Your organisation enters a fundraising team of up to 10 people with a designated team leader. We’ll provide seed funding of £250 to kickstart your team’s fundraising – your challenge is to turn it into £2,500 over 6 months!

We know there are some dedicated, inventive fundraisers amongst you and the sky’s the limit! We have a few ideas to start you off – raffles, sporting challenges, Christmas parties – but each team can let their creativity run wild. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Here’s how getting involved with Little Lifts can serve your organisation:


Increase staff wellbeing

It’s been a tough few years, with a huge impact on teams and organisational cohesion in every sector. Challenge 250 is a great way to bring people together behind a common good cause – revive that team spirit, work towards a common goal, and flex those creative muscles.


Professional development

A fundraising challenge is a fantastic opportunity to develop essential skills, including leadership, project management, communication, budgeting, decision-making, influencing, sales, and creating and managing teams.


Increase staff self-confidence and motivation

Philanthropic giving is a great way to develop confidence and a sense of belonging within communities of all kinds. Giving develops self-esteem, lowers stress levels, and makes us feel good!


Packing parties

We’ll host packing parties for your staff where they’ll be directly involved with preparing Little Lifts Boxes for our beneficiaries – a fantastic team-building experience.


Fundraising ideas and advice

Each team will receive a pack from us filled with fundraising ideas, tips, and literature that they can use to help develop and support their efforts. We’ll regularly check in with them and keep them motivated.


Understanding our impact

We’ll be holding 1-2-1s for teams with our beneficiaries so that each team understands the impact of our work and why it’s so important.



Our #littlelifts community is pretty big, and we’ll be vocal about your support of our charitable ambition.



Our Little Lifts Ambassadors are brilliant public speakers and talk movingly and eloquently about our work. Every team will have a chance to meet with them.

Be part of our #littleliftscommunity because we cannot do this alone

Give a little, change a lot

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