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October 13, 2020

No Bra Day

Marking No Bra Day with littlelifts UNDER SHIRTS” Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fundraiser

Today, men across our fair land are observing No Bra Day by experiencing their very own ‘little lift’ for the day.

As many of you will know, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month at the moment, and today marks the mid-way point, No Bra Day. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of No Bra Day until a few months ago, but it’s an annual observance celebrated on 13 October, where usually women nationally are encouraged to forgo wearing a bra to encourage awareness about breast cancer.

However, this year at littlelifts we decided that we would like to do things a bit differently and so we’ve been marking No Bra Day by asking women to trade wearing a bra for the day with the men in their lives. Why you ask? Well, empathy is a very important quality to embody when supporting women with breast cancer. So we thought, one way to show a little solidarity and understanding with women enduring breast cancer treatment, is to ask men to walk in a woman’s shoes (or rather, brassiere) for the day.

Breast Cancer is something everyone should take seriously and be checked for, including men. Similar to the recent example set by the wonderful ‘Postie’s of Fakenham’ who adorned fancy dress during their rounds this summer as a way to fundraise for littlelifts, it’s our hope that people find this fundraiser a light-hearted way to raise funds while drawing attention to breast cancer awareness month in the process.

Of course, men can also experience breast cancer too and we hope that the fundraiser will also raise awareness about breast cancer among men, which is an area we are keenly working towards supporting in the future.

For some women who have undergone a mastectomy, no longer wearing a bra can be a big adjustment, and here at littlelifts we recognise this. It can be a really big change, accompanied by lots of mixed emotions. Our intentions for the forthcoming ‘No Bra Day’ is for men to show solidarity and to ultimately raise funds during this tricky time for many, so we can continue to support and show kindness to women impacted by breast cancer.

Leading our first recruits (a wonderful selection of Norfolk-based gents) was our very own Laura Middleton-Hughes (32), littlelifts ambassador supremom she also received her own littlelifts box in 2019. As 13th October is also a day dedicated to women living with Secondary Breast Cancer, I was keen to hear from Laura about why she was interested in supporting this particular fundraiser and a little bit about her own personal experiences with secondary breast cancer.

Laura said, “I wanted to get involved as it’s incredibly important to raise awareness for breast cancer and this way it can be done whilst creating something fun to talk about, which also in turn helps open up the conversation around men getting breast cancer too. I feel that all awareness is good awareness and that taking a different and fantastic approach like this, can make more of a talking point.”

“I had a single mastectomy in 2014 and my other breast was removed at the end of 2015, before I began my reconstruction process on both breasts. I choose to have expander implants and therefore it has changed the way I feel about bras. I used to have to wear underwired and supportive ones, now I tend to choose pretty and wire-free bras. I don’t actually now need to wear a bra but I do a lot of the time as it makes me feel a bit more womanly and I know many of my friends now only wear crop top style bras”.

“It is so important to help get the message out to everyone about the importance of self-checking, knowing what to look out for and educating everyone about what breast cancer is, especially when it also comes to secondary breast cancer. By finding cancer during the early stages with a primary diagnosis may save that person’s life and allow them to be cured, and even at a secondary diagnosis, finding it early on will give an individual many more years. It’s therefore vital we all check, and get to know our own bodies.”

A big thank you from us…

Firstly, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Laura for supporting us with our campaign this year. We also wanted to say a big thank you to all the wonderful gents taking part this year, and to the women across the region, and beyond, who have been encouraging the men in their lives to take part – we’ve been so grateful for the fundraising efforts we’ve received so far.

One of the men taking part is Glenn Sealey, General Manager from Yare Valley Oils, who kindly supply the chilli oil and lip balm found in all our littlelifts boxes. Glenn said: “It’s an incredible cause and littlelifts is doing so much to help others feel empowered about something that has impacted so many of our lives in so many different ways. I’m happy to be involved and taking part, it should be a giggle for all involved.”

If you would like to donate to one of the participants or make a one-off donation to support us this Breast Cancer Awareness Month then click here. 

And do keep your eyes peeled on social media today. Fundraisers are being asked to capture their experience by taking pictures while tagging @littlelifts_uk on either Instagram or Facebook #LittleliftsUnderShirts

Love Oa X

p.s. for more info on checking your breasts please go to Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel!

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