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Catherine’s Story

Catherine lives in Tibenham, Norfolk and was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2019, aged 39. She received treatment at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Catherine had found a lump in her breast which had left her worried. She was reassured by friends and family that it was nothing to worry about, but her worries persisted so she had it investigated and was shocked by the resulting diagnosis. With two young children (aged 18 months and 6 years), Catherine’s main concern was that if she didn’t survive the cancer, she’d leave her children without a mother. 


Catherine endured a worrisome eight weeks between diagnosis and the start of her treatment. She had surgery, six sessions of chemotherapy followed by radiotherapy, and is currently taking tamoxifen. To her relief, Catherine is currently in remission.



Her Little Lifts chemotherapy box was given to her on the day she discussed the impending treatment with her consultant; ten days ahead of it starting. Like many people, Catherine came away from the appointment overwhelmed by the amount of information she’d had to take in, and fearful of what was to come. When she left, her oncology nurse presented her with a Little Lifts box. Catherine told us that it gave her hope for the journey ahead:


‘It was such a warm feeling and there was always something there to help with the side effects – my little helpers.

I experienced lots of side effects from chemotherapy treatment, including loss of taste, indigestion, heartburn, nail loss and skin changes. The toothbrush and ice lolly moulds and recipes really helped with my sensitive gums, and the lovely creams soothed sensitive and dry skin.

My top tips for others going through treatment is to ask for help and utilise all avenues available to you – there is information out there to help.’