What’s in the box

Look inside and you will find...

We understand that every person's experience of breast cancer and its treatment is different, but we’re here to help with the journey through treatment. Find out what's in our chemotherapy box...

Herbal tea

Herbal teas can aid sleep and help to calm and hydrate.


You may get cold during treatment, or experience joint or muscle pain – a heat pack can help.

Face and body lotion

You may experience dry skin - keeping moisturised can really help.

Eye mask

There may be times during the day when you need to shut out the light and get a little sleep.

Notebook and pen

For notes, reminders, or to express your thoughts and feelings as you go through treatment.

Water bottle

Your oncology team will recommend that you drink plenty of fluids throughout your treatment.


For a little moment of luxury, because you deserve it.

Lip balm

To avoid chapped and dry lips and to keep your pout feeling great.

Grow your own plant

Give it a little TLC and watch it grow.

Lolly recipes and lolly moulds

Ice-lollies can help to soothe a sore mouth and are a nice treat, even if your taste buds change.

Toothpaste and a soft toothbrush

A soft toothbrush helps to avoid any of the discomfort you may get from harder brushes.

Hot chocolate

A hug in a mug for warmth and comfort.

Plastic cutlery

You may find eating with metal cutlery a bit unpleasant – plastic cutlery will help.

Crosswords and puzzles

To help pass the time during your chemotherapy sessions.

A selection of sweets

To provide relief from the metallic taste you may get from the treatment.


Adding some to still or sparkling water can help to relieve change in taste and helps to keep your body hydrated.

Pocket tissues

You may become a bit more prone to a runny nose.

Chilli oil and mixed herbs

Things can taste a bit different – chilli oil adds a little bit of heat and herbs will add flavour.

Munchy Seeds

Nutritious nibbles to snack on or sprinkle!

Tote bag

To easily carry the essentials to your chemotherapy treatment. Plus, always useful for shopping!

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum can help with a dry mouth or loss of taste. It is advised not to chew gum if you have a sensitive stomach.

How products are selected

With support from people who have personally undergone chemotherapy treatment, we’ve packed our littlelifts boxes full of carefully selected products to help provide the little lifts patients might appreciate (and need) as they themselves go through treatment.

To make our littlelifts boxes the best they can be, we regularly review what we do, and seek feedback by holding focus groups with patients who have received our boxes.

Looking after the planet is important to us so, where possible, we include products that are UK-made, locally sourced, ethically produced, eco-friendly, organic and natural.

Useful links

Here is some useful information and advice that you might find helpful during your breast cancer treatment.

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